What is C.Y.C

We enhance the capacity of families to provide quality child care and advocate for an enviroment where children are safe and developememntal needs are met

Orgarnisation Overview

We seek to promote the rights and improve the quality of childcare in
nuclear families, extended families, families with foster children, families with adopted children, children in institutions, day care centre and the community at large


Our organisation seeks to empower
and promote the well being of children living with Rare Diseases and other difficult conditions.


Child and Youth Care (CYC) sets to defend ,champion and advance the interests
of children with rare diseases and difficult conditions so as to improve their quality life and their families.

Project Strategy - What do we do ?

Support Services Delivery

  1. To set up a rare conditions care program for the target group of both children and their carers.
  2. To set up care programs for children living in extremely difficult circumstances.
  3. To offer psychosocial support ,counseling services, complementary and creative therapies. To set up care programs for children living in extremely difficult circumstances just before the psycho social point.

Quality Care

  1. To make the provision of treatment for children facing rare conditions.
  2. To facilitate for accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment from medical personal through collaboration of stack holders.
  3. To establish connections with local and international networks who are sympathetic to our cause with the hope of partnerships that can support children with rare conditions in a more holistic manner.

Advocacy and Education

  1. To develop and improve regulatory knowledge through development of IOC materials in indigenous languages.
  2. To offer training for careers to economically empower them so as to improve the quality of care
  3. To develop a carer support group for advocacy and education through workshops and outreach programs . To offer training for carers to economically empower them so as to improve the quality of care.


  1. To setup good and efficient data collection system to develop the ability to track and report patient health outcomes through surveillance, enhanced data collection and outcome analysis.
  2. To conduct basic descriptive studies on children living with rare conditions from the lens of the children and their career.
  3. To keep patients and Carers up to date on new information and technology that is available to them so they improve the quality of life of the children


  1. To provide humanitarian services such as nutrition packs and transport fares through fundraising activities such asDonation kiosks, 5km walk /run,Networking Dinner, Students school club partnerships,

Target Beneficiaries

All children with rare conditions directly and their families and communities indirectly.